Busy day!

Busy day!

Last night we put Landon to sleep in the bouncer and he liked it much more. My goal was not to hold him at night when he sleeps because that caused us problems with Tessa.  He even slept for 3 hours straight! After getting some sleep I felt pretty good and we headed to the breastfeeding clinic. I wanted to make sure Landon’s latch was correct because I was feeling some discomfort. They gave me some tips and were happy that Landon was retaining what he was eating. When we arrived he weighed 8 lbs and after eating on one side he was an ounce heavier which was great for only being 3 days old. 

Then Landon and I rushed to his dr appt at Kaiser. It was cute they wrote his name on the bed when we arrived. That appointment went well and they said he looked healthy. 

After a nap Tessa suggested we “all go on a walk together”. I decided to try out the carrier since the stroller is in the rafters. Landon loved it and quickly fell asleep. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air. 

After our walk Tessa shared the toy she bought for Landon with him. 

Landon was alert before bed so I finally  got some pictures of him with his eyes open. 

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