Landon is one month old! 

Landon is one month old! 

I can’t believe Landon has been apart of our family for a month already! We are all in love with him and couldn’t imagine life without his sweet little face. 

This month Landon has already grown and changed so much! By three weeks old he had already grown out of his newborn clothes. He is a happy baby and hardly cries. When he is hungry he lets out a single scream to let you know. He nurses about every two hours and eats quickly. He normally only eats for 5-7 minutes per side since I have such a fast let down. He does tend to be gassy which makes him grumpy and uncomfortable at times. This normally happens around 8:30/9 pm every night. During most night feedings Landon will put himself back to sleep in the crib. 

Compared to Tessa Landon is an amazing sleeper! He actually takes long naps ranging from an hour and 45 mins to over two hours. He can stay asleep through us vacuuming and Tessa singing and dancing. When Landon wakes up he makes grumpy faces, turns red and arches his back. He likes to sleep with his hand on his chest or one hand up like he is pretending to be a DJ. 

Landon is a always hot like his sister and is very noisy. He is always squeaking, grunting, or farting. 

This month Landon has already reached some milestones. He has started smiling and cooing which is exciting. Landon has also rolled over from his belly to his back a few times while during tummy time. 

Landon likes his swing, tummy time, boobies, and his muslin blankets. 

I can’t wait to see how he grows and changes next month. 

*monthly picture to come

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