1st play date 

1st play date 

We headed to Huntington Beach today to have a play date at Dana’s. I loved having play dates with her when Tessa, Valerie and Milo were younger. Landon slept the whole drive out which made things easy. When we arrived Valerie and Milo were napping so Tessa got to jump in the bouncer alone and play with the water table while Landon slept in the car seat. 

Landon got lots of love from Valerie and Milo. It was so cute. 

Landon napped while we had lunch and the kids play some more. 

Then we walked to get shaved ice. This was the first time using the double stroller. It will take some getting used to since it is heavier and longer than I’m used to. Landon enjoyed it because he fell asleep. 

Landon played with Dana when we came back. 

I nursed Landon before it was time to leave and he spit up a ton! I was soaked. I brought another shirt thank goodness but not shorts. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll have an extra outfit packed from now on. Landon slept until corona then woke up hungry so we pulled over and I fed him. 

Overall we had a fun day and I survived my first far trip with both kids. 

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