Best Day Yet! 

Best Day Yet! 

Today was probably the best day Landon, Tessa and I have had together! Landon and I spent time together this morning while Tessa was still sleeping. He talked and cuddled and he was in a great mood. After breakfast he took a great nap in the swing in our room while Tessa and I spent time together in the playroom. Then Landon joined us on his play mat and I propped him up using the Boppy. He is starting to notice toys more and coo. 

Landon loves having his diaper changed in Tessa’s room. The minute you lay him down on her changing pad he is all smiles. 

Landon loves his lion toy and we named him Leo. 

Landon nursed great today and even fell asleep after nursing (this is rare for him since he is always wiggling after eating since his stomach hurts). 

Such a great day with a happy baby! 

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