Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday

Landon had a great day…finally! Last night he slept well and seems to be doing better with his extra dose of medicine. This morning he had play time with Daddy while I got some extra sleep. After his feeding he fell asleep so I did my Insanity workout while Tessa and Daddy washed the car. Landon took a great nap which gave me time to research and make a grocery list for my new dairy free diet. Once he woke up he nursed and played with me before I headed to the store. When I came back Landon was happy and we played with his new favorite toy the black and white bug. 

Then he nursed and fell asleep. While he slept Tessa and I played in the playroom and then Auntie came over. Landon was all smiles for Auntie. She brought over more blocks for Tessa and a Jeep toy for him. 

Landon even cuddles tonight which is rare since he is normally always wiggling to get comfortable. 

I’m excited to have more days like these. 

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