Landon is two months old!

Landon is two months old!

I can’t believe how fast this month went by! It has been full of ups and downs. We have been struggling with figuring out why Landon has been so unhappy. We thought we had figured out it with the acid reflex medicine but that only lasted so long so we added a dose and I quit eating dairy. We have really good days and some bad ones so I’m looking forward to his doctor’s appointment tomorrow to get more questions answered. 

On our good days Landon is so happy and constantly cooing and smiling. He loves his sister and is always smiling at her. 

Landon loves music like Tessa and we use it to calm him down on our rough days. He also likes his carrier and quickly falls asleep in it. 

Landon has grown so much this month and seems so big some days. We think he looks like Papa. He still has olive skin and Papa’s eyes for sure. 

This month Landon has continued to roll over from his belly to his back. He holds his head up really well and likes tummy time. Because of his acid reflex we let him sleep in the swing in our room. Landon also had his first Disneyland trip for my birthday and loved it! 

His favorite toy is the bug with the black and white feet. He is always looking at it and cooing. At Disneyland Gigi bought him a black and white Mickey which he is quickly loving. He grabs onto his ears which is so cute. Tessa wants Landon to love his elephant lovey, Toby, but every time she gives it to him he wiggles to get it away. We shall see what he chooses for his lovey soon. 

Even with our ups and downs this month I’m so happy to have Landon in our life and I can’t wait for him to feel better so we can see more of his personality come out. 

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