Two month check up

Two month check up

This morning was Landon’s two month check up. I knew he was going to get shots so Aunt Polly came over to watch Tessa. 

Landon weighs 14 lbs 8 oz and is 23 inches long. The doctor agreed that he is a big boy but said not to worry. 

We are continuing him on his acid reflex medicine three times a day and I’m going to continue my dairy free diet. He is getting eczema which is a sign of a milk allergy. So I’m making sure that he stays moisturized. 

He still has a hernia in his belly button but the doctor said it should go down now that we are controlling his gas and how uncomfortable he is.

The doctor checked his head control and Landon showed off during tummy time.

Landon had to get a vaccine in his mouth and three shots. He screamed a lot and took a while to calm down afterwards. 

The doctor didn’t have any other concerns so we don’t go back until his four month check up.

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