2nd Trip to Disneyland

2nd Trip to Disneyland

Landon was looking adorable and ready for Disneyland in his cute outfit from Rhonda and Kristen. 

Landon slept the drive there and the parking structure was finally open so we were off to a great start. Landon nursed in the car before we headed to the parks. Once inside Disneyland Tessa wanted to tell the princesses about her panties but Landon was upset and hot. James took him into a nearby store to cool off. 

We then went to Toontown to see Mickey. He loved Landon’s outfit.

After a nap he was happy and ready for It’s a Small World. He was awake the whole time and loved the music and colors. 

After nursing and an outfit change Landon was ready to explore California Adventure. 

We rode the Chew Train and attempted to take a cute selfie. 

Another nap and nursing session for Landon. Then we played with Mickey while waiting for Tessa and Daddy to finish watching the parade. 

Landon rode the Take Out Boxes and wasn’t sure if he liked it. 

A blow out diaper lead to a third outfit and a nap in the carrier before heading back to the car. 

At the car Landon nursed before we headed home. He looked up at me with this big smile and I knew he enjoyed his day. 

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