3 month Picture People

3 month Picture People

This month I didn’t have my village to come to Landon’s Picture People appointment because Gigi and Aunt Polly are on their cruise. Instead Auntie Madi had to step in. 

I went in with the mindset that I only needed one good pose/shot. Gigi found Landon an adorable sweater outfit (Tessa wore a sweater in her 3 month picture too). 

When we arrived Landon was in a great mood and full of smiles. We started the photo shoot and Landon was doing amazing! He was smiling and letting us change his pose. Our photographer Valerie suggested we do some naked bath scene ones. I was worried Landon might pee but she said she didn’t care. We put a towel over Landon’s head and he gave us the cutest look! I was thrilled things were going so smoothly. Even Tessa was behaving. 

Once it came time to view the photos I quickly realized we had too many cute ones and had to buy the cd. 

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