Landon is 3 months old!

Landon is 3 months old!

Although Landon looks like the size of a 6 month old he is only 3 months old. I’m shocked at how big he is. He doesn’t just have a belly he is big everywhere. He is already wearing 6 month clothing and we had to switch to the next size up in his binky. 

This month we have seen a lot more of Landon’s personality now that he feels better. He is always smiling and cooing. Giving up dairy was totally worth it! His medicine has been helping too! For the most part he is a happy smiling baby until about 7pm. It seems like at that time everyday he is tired and grumpy. I normally put him in the Solly wrap carrier during this time and it puts him right to sleep. 

Landon can track objects and swat at his hanging toys. He likes to lay on his play mat and look at any black and white toy. His favorite toy is his bug with the black and white feet. He has also started grabbing and holding onto toys. He likes to grab Mickey and swing him around. This month he also found his hands and tongue which is pretty funny. 

Landon is constantly moving. If he is in the bouncer he is kicking his legs, if he is on the play mat he is moving his arms, if he is doing tummy time he is moving his head back and forth, and if you are holding him he wiggles his whole body (this makes it very hard to hold him). 

He loves Tessa and always smiles when she walks in the room. He isn’t a fan of her curly hair in his face though. Landon does love music like Tessa so I see many dance parties in their future.

Landon is a mommas boy for sure! Most days only I can calm him down. He also gives me the best smiles and cuddles. 

After giving Landon multiple loveys he decided on a small Aden & Anais muslin blanket for his lovey. We have been calling it a blankie. It is so cute to see him cuddle up to it. 

We tried to have Landon sleep in his crib but most nights he sleeps in our room in the swing. We are slowing transitioning him to the pack and play in our room.

Landon is already very sensitive so I have to remember that when I talk to him. When he is sad or gets his feelings hurt he has the best pouty face ever! 

I’m looking forward to see what Landon learns next month! 

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