Landon is 4 months old! 

Landon is 4 months old! 

I love this month! I feel like at this point Landon and I have figured things out. He is somewhat on a sleep system, breastfeeding is easy, and he is constantly happy. Plus he is starting to learn and interact so much more with us and toys. 

One skill Landon has learned this month was reaching/grabbing/hitting his toys during tummy time. Landon can also roll both ways. He is bringing toys to his mouth and tries to suck on them.

Landon loves to be tickled and is very ticklish. He has such a cute laugh. 

He doesn’t like to be left alone in a room and likes to be around Tessa. He loves tummy time and wiggles all over his play mat. 

Landon thinks he is older than he is and is always trying to sit up and likes to stand up on our legs. 

He is wearing 6 month clothes. 

Landon is already sleep trained. He falls alseep in the crib on his own with his binky, blankie and sound machine. To fall asleep he rubs his blankie under his nose (just like Tessa rubs Cindy under hers). Landon likes to sleep on his side and stick his leg out of the crib. 

Landon nurses great and loves his boobies! It is the cutest thing when he smiles up at me while eating. I’m still eating dairy free to help with his milk allergy and he still gets medicine for his acid reflux. 

Landon seems to really like Mickey and talks to him when Tessa watches it on the tv. 

Landon is a happy, smiling baby and likes to talk loud when Tessa isn’t around (probably because he can’t get a word in). He does hate the car which makes going anywhere a challenge. I tend to only leave around his naptime so I know he will sleep and not whine the entire drive.

We have shared teaching Landon sign language and his first word is “more”. I normally use the sign when switching boobs or tickling him. He has already caught on and will use the sign when you say the word more. 

It’s hard to imagine what our life was like 4 months ago. Landon has fit in so well with our family and we would be lost without him. 

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