First Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving

Landon celebrated his first Thanksgiving today.  Our morning started off rough because he freaked out when I put him in his jeans, button up shirt, and sweater vest.  I had tried the outfit on him last week and he didn’t seem to mind, today on the other hand he flipped out.  We attempted to get a family picture but none of them turned out.  I did manage to get a cute picture of him and Tessa together though.


Then we put him in his comfy clothes.

Landon did nap during dinner so we all got to eat warm food which was nice.

The Lacey’s were up north celebrating with Uncle Scott’s family but Aunt Penny bought Landon two new toys to play with.  Landon really liked the owl toy.

Grammy and Gino came down the the holiday and met Landon for the first time. 

Keeping with tradition Gigi and Papa have Landon his first ornament. They started an airplane set for him. 

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