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Month: December 2016

Shopping with Tia

Shopping with Tia

Today Landon and I went shopping with Tia to find a dress for her to wear to a wedding and her engagement pictures. It’s nice to get one on one time with Landon. He was happy all day and loves to people watch from the stroller.

New toys/taco night

New toys/taco night

This morning Landon got to open more new toys to play with. He loves his crazy teether from Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt.

The crab toy Paige gave him lead to lots of laughs. It’s going to be perfect for when Landon crawls.

Landon enjoyed chewing on the blocks from the spill and sort turtle Aunt Penny and Uncle Scott got him. 

Tonight just Landon and I went to Gigi and Papa’s for tacos. Landon got to meet Cameron and have some alone time with mommy. 

Day after Christmas 

Day after Christmas 

We spend the day after Christmas in pajamas enjoying all the new toys Landon got. His favorites today were his crawl toy and his Disney mirror book. 

After a busy Christmas Day I felt “tired as a mother” 

Christmas Dinner 2016

Christmas Dinner 2016

On the drive to Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt’s house Landon fell asleep.  He quickly woke up and ended up with a short nap. We visited first and then opened Landon’s gifts so we could take him on a drive to get him to nap again. Landon got lots of fun gifts!

Aunt Pam and Aunt Tina gave him a book and dino ball popper toy

Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt gave him binkys, Orball toys and an ornament

Paige gave him a crawling crab toy

Megan gave him bath toys

Michael and Brittney gave him a turtle block stacker

Fred gave him a Mickey book and music toys

Uncle Matt gave him sport balls in a bag

Aunt Penny and Uncle Scott gave him a bathroom play set

It turned out to a be a long day for Landon considering he is so young.  We had a great time creating memories on his first Christmas!

Christmas at Gigi and Papa’s 2016

Christmas at Gigi and Papa’s 2016

Next we headed to Gigi and Papa’s to continue the Christmas fun! My first goal was a family picture and a picture of Landon and Tessa in their coordinating outfits. 

Then Landon and Tessa took turns opening presents from Gigi and Papa.  They spoiled them and I think each kid got 10 presents!! So crazy.  Landon was too young to understand the opening part so Papa helped him.  

He got his first Little People toy, a fire truck.

Sensory balls

Maraca rattles

Mickey Webble Wobble toy

Fuzzy blanket which Landon loved!  He dove his face into it the minute he opened it.

Play car

Ride on car

Truck book with sounds and textures

Mickey sweatshirt


1st Christmas ornament

Bath toys

Stroller blankets

Auntie gave Landon an activity table.

Tia gave Landon a high chair toy

We then packed up the car and headed to Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt’s house for Christmas dinner and more presents!

1st Christmas Morning

1st Christmas Morning

Landon slept in a little on Christmas morning which allowed Tessa time to look at her Santa gifts before he woke up. Then she was excited to show Landon what Santa brought him.  Landon got a wagon, piano and zebra walker toy. He instantly loved the piano. 

Next we had him open his presents. Tessa and daddy had to help because Landon was more interested in eating the bows. Landon’s “want”was a crawl through toy 

His “need” was noise cancelling headphones for Disneyland shows and parades. 

His “read” was a Disney feelings book with mirrors and a Winnie the Pooh peek a boo book. 

His “wear” was new shirts for Disneyland, a Mickey sweatshirt and a hat. 

Tessa couldn’t wait for his to open his gift from her. Mostly because she wanted to try it out. She helped wrap it and even wrote on the tag. She gave his a train that pops up balls and catches them. 

Landon loved his stocking and put everything in his mouth. He got some teethers, bandana bibs, rattle, binkys, and Binky clips. 

James and I opened gifts next. Getting a good picture is hard! 

Landon had a great Christmas morning! Next stop Gigi and Papa’s 

1st Christmas Eve 

1st Christmas Eve 

We hosted Christmas Eve again this year which is always fun. It is crazy to think last year we were announcing we were expecting a second baby. It is so much fun to experience holiday firsts with Landon. 

Landon napped up until everyone arrived. He looked so cute in his dress shirt and pants but he was too chubby to wear the bow tie 🙁 

After appetizers and visiting we thought it would be a good idea for the kids to open presents from Grammy and Gino. They gave Landon some new books and a wagon filled with goodies. Landon liked the book and rattle. 

Then Landon opened his gift from Teddi (my parents neighbor). She always gives the kids teddy bear toys. Landon got an adorable bear that plays peek a Boo with a blanket. It was the perfect toy because Landon loves playing peek a boo! 

Keeping with tradition Landon got to open one present from us on Christmas Eve. He got his First Christmas ornaments and pajamas. 

Then it was off to bed so Santa could come.