Landon is 5 months old!

Landon is 5 months old!

I can’t believe how fast time is going by!  I don’t remember these early months going by so quickly with Tessa.   Landon is big for his age and acts older than he is so that isn’t helping.

Everyone kept telling me while I was pregnant that I wasn’t going to have another easy baby.  I’m glad Landon decided to prove them wrong!  Landon seriously is an easy baby.  As long as he is fed (and I don’t eat dairy), has some time to get down to wiggle, and gets lots of snuggles he is happy.

This month Landon has found his voice.  After nursing he likes to have a conversation with me which is so cute.  His new favorite activity is to scream and yell when he is playing or happy.  And boy is he loud!

Landon has learned to pull out his binky and can sometimes even put it back in.

He has learned the sign for “eat” and can use it when you ask him if he is hungry.

We had lots of Disneyland trips this month so it is a good thing Landon enjoys being in the carrier.  He loves to snuggle and be close to me so its a win win for both of us.

Landon still loves tummy time and has started pushing toys and “racking” to pick toys up.

He loves his sister and can watch her sing and dance all day.

This month he has started using his jumperoo more and likes to spin the toys.

Landon met Santa for the first time and didn’t cry 🙂

He likes to watch football with Daddy on the weekends. But he is a total momma’s boy. 

Overall, Landon is a super happy always smiling little boy.  We are lucky to have him in our lives.

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