1st Christmas Morning

1st Christmas Morning

Landon slept in a little on Christmas morning which allowed Tessa time to look at her Santa gifts before he woke up. Then she was excited to show Landon what Santa brought him.  Landon got a wagon, piano and zebra walker toy. He instantly loved the piano. 

Next we had him open his presents. Tessa and daddy had to help because Landon was more interested in eating the bows. Landon’s “want”was a crawl through toy 

His “need” was noise cancelling headphones for Disneyland shows and parades. 

His “read” was a Disney feelings book with mirrors and a Winnie the Pooh peek a boo book. 

His “wear” was new shirts for Disneyland, a Mickey sweatshirt and a hat. 

Tessa couldn’t wait for his to open his gift from her. Mostly because she wanted to try it out. She helped wrap it and even wrote on the tag. She gave his a train that pops up balls and catches them. 

Landon loved his stocking and put everything in his mouth. He got some teethers, bandana bibs, rattle, binkys, and Binky clips. 

James and I opened gifts next. Getting a good picture is hard! 

Landon had a great Christmas morning! Next stop Gigi and Papa’s 

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