Landon is 6 months old!

Landon is 6 months old!

Happy 1/2 birthday Landon! It’s crazy to think 6 months ago Landon wasn’t apart of our lives. Time has flown by so fast. We have made it 6 months exclusively breastfeeding and Landon is sleep trained. 

This month has been a lot of fun since we celebrated Landon’s first Christmas! He loved chewing on bows and being surrounded by his family. His favorite new toy is his car from Gigi and Papa. 

Teething has started and some days are harder than others. Landon loves to chew on his fingers and cold teethers. 

Landon gives the best hugs and loves to cuddle. He likes to fall asleep on our chests facing out. 

He loves to play peek a boo and making razz noises. He also thinks it’s funny when you pretend to eat his hands. 

Landon never stops moving! He is constantly wiggling. He has started scooting backwards. He sits up well. He loves to bounce in his jumperoo and watch Tessa dance. 

Unlike Tessa he doesn’t mind drinking frozen milk. He loves his binkies and blankie. He bangs his hand on the side of the crib to put himself to sleep. He is wearing 12 month clothes.

Landon is a happy easy flexible baby which makes our days fun and enjoyable. 

We love you Landon Paul. Happy 1/2 Birthday! 

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