1st Haircut 

1st Haircut 

Today we took Landon to get his first haircut. Although he doesn’t have a ton of hair it was starting to grow over his ears and the back was looking messy. 

The before:

I found this children’s haircut place at the mall and was excited they had an airplane to sit in. Landon was too small so he had to ride in a jeep instead. 

The hairdresser did a great job with Landon and let him feel the clippers before she used them. She also let Landon sit in the airplane while Landon got his hair cut.

Landon sat still and did a great job at the beginning. He started getting annoyed toward the end because he didn’t like having his head being held. Our stubborn little boy. 

Once we were finished Landon decided to pull himself up to a standing position and drive.

The after: 

Then Landon tried some of Tessa’s shaved ice. 

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