Memorial Day 2017-Landon’s 1st Havasu Trip

Memorial Day 2017-Landon’s 1st Havasu Trip

Landon had his first Havasu trip this weekend.  I was honestly very anxious about the whole thing because Landon hates the car and has only slept in his crib.  He was amazing the drive there.  Tessa kept him happy until Indio by singing and dancing to Disney songs.  Then he fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we got to the Havasu house.  We arrived around 10:30 so we let the kids explore the house while we unpacked and waited for Gigi, Papa and Auntie to arrive.  Landon loved the long hallway.  He would race down it and crawl inside each room.

Landon and Tessa finally got tired and we headed to bed. Landon slept amazing in the pack and play and even nursed well all night.

Landon didn’t wake up too early thank goodness since we needed to keep him quiet until everyone else woke up.  We had breakfast and got ready for our day on the lake.

Landon loved going fast on the boat and playing in the water.  He was awesome all day long and even took a nap while we surfed.

After another great night of us all sleeping in the same room (I still can’t believe both kids slept so well) we headed back to the lake. I woke up at 5:30am to go surfing with Madi and Angie while James watched the kids.  Landon floated on the surf board, watched us surf, and played in the play pool.  He would scream and cheer whenever someone was surfing.  He also loves fast boats!  He would turn his head to find out where the fast boat was as soon as he heard it.

Back at the house Landon took a bath in the sink which meant he splashed water everywhere!  He had an early bedtime from our busy day.

On Monday everyone decided to leave I guess because the lake was empty it wasn’t windy which was nice too. Landon had fun driving the boat with Papa and napped on Gigi.  Then he went surfing with Auntie.  I only trust Madi to surf with the kids because she is so good at it.  Landon loved it!!  He was smiling and cheering the whole time. He fell asleep on our drive home from the lake so we let him nap at the house before heading home.  Our drive home went well until we reached horrible traffic in Cabazon and Landon was over being in the car.  James and I decided that next year he would take off Tuesday so we didn’t have the fight the crowds coming back home.

Overall it was an amazing trip and I’m so happy Landon loves Havasu as much as we all do!  Looking forward to lots of summer days at the lake.


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