With summer flying by we took a trip to Disneyland today to hopefully get Landon to walk to Mickey.  Landon wore his adorable and super soft new Mickey shirt from Amanda and looked adorable!  We started our day with the Beauty and the Beast show in Fantasy Faire.  Tessa understands satire and humor so she loved it.  Landon just had fun watching the show and even got to meet Belle when it was over!

Landon is really starting to love Disneyland and understands it more and more with each trip we take.  He has started pointing to rides he wants to ride and loves to go fast!  Daddy took them on the tea cups and had them spinning around like crazy!

I really wanted Landon to walk to Mickey during this trip since he just started taking a few steps.  He decided to just stand there instead.  It was still super cute to see his expression and love for Mickey.

We shared an ice cream while we waited for the Soundsational parade.  Landon is learning to love parades since they are a favorite of Tessa’s.

I’m lucky my kids get to experience Disneyland so often.

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