Landon’s 1st Flight

Landon’s 1st Flight

We left early (3:50am) this morning for a flight to Georgia. We are going to watch Auntie at her surf competition this weekend. Daddy couldn’t come because of work so I was a little nervous to take this trip alone. Gigi, Papa, and Auntie all helped out a ton. Landon was great on our first flight from Ontario to Las Vegas. 

We had a short layover which helped him get his wiggles out. Then we flew to Atlanta. Landon only napped for 30 mins out of the 3 hours and 30 mins we were in the air. Gigi helped me keep him happy and he even wore his headphones while listening to his movie. 

Landon loved pushing his suitcase around while we waited for our luggage.

Once we got the rental car Landon passed out for another short nap before we went grocery shopping in Walmart. 

I’m so proud with Landon’s behavior all day! He has been flexible and well behaved.

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