Georgia Day 1

Georgia Day 1

Landon slept really well in the pack n play at the cabin last night which was a huge relief for me!  He woke up early as usual but I found a show called Paw Patrol that he was super into and liked watching. The cabin doesn’t have a high chair so Landon ate his breakfast at the coffee table while watching Paw Patrol.  He didn’t seem to mind though.

Then we got ready to head down to the dock and watch Auntie’s friends surf and meet everyone.  Landon was really friendly and loved playing in the sand.  For his nap Papa offered to drive him around in the air conditioned van so he could get a good rest.

Soon it was Auntie’s turn to surf.  Landon loved looking out on the dock and cheering her on!  It made me super nervous because the dock had huge openings that he could easily fall through.

So far we are having a great time!

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