Georgia Day 2

Georgia Day 2

Landon loved playing in the water and sand so much yesterday I just decided to start him off wearing his swim trunks today.  After breakfast we headed to the dock for more fun.  Landon loved walking back and forth to the water as well as watching the boats go by.

He then found a table on the shore with a tablecloth on it.  He thought it was super funny to hide under it.

After a nap and outfit change Landon was ready to watch Auntie surf.  Landon would “cheer” for Auntie whenever Gigi did.  It was so cute.

Auntie’s friend, Kyle was sharing ice cubes (they were very small) with Landon and he loved it!

That night everyone came to our cabin for Papa’s chicken tacos.  Landon was exhausted but wouldn’t sleep because he didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

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