1st Apple Farm Trip 

1st Apple Farm Trip 

Landon got to experience the apple farm for the first time today. He loved it so much! 

We started with apple picking and I decided to wear Landon on my back. He loved trying the apples out before we started picking. 

Then we walked to pick gala and spartan apples. Landon didn’t quite understand the picking part but he sure loved the eating part. Aunt Polly got an apple started for him and he enjoyed it so much! 

Landon loved sitting in the apple box. 

We stopped to play in the corn on our way to picking raspberries. 

Landon loved picking raspberries with Gigi! Probably because she let him eat them all! 

Then we walked back down to have a picnic. 

After our picnic we went to the petting zoo (more photos and videos to come) 

We watched Tessa ride the horse and then went to the gift shop. Landon learned he liked apple cider as much as apples. 

I love getting to experience new things with Landon. 

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