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Month: November 2017

Santa at Disneyland 2017

Santa at Disneyland 2017

We headed to Disneyland today to meet Santa. I had been showing Landon Christmas movies, pictures of Santa and reading holiday books to prepare him.

Landon doesn’t like standing in line so Daddy took him to explore while Tessa and I waited in line. Once it was time to wait in line Landon decided he needed to nurse so I had to make it work. Once we were at the front of the line Landon was already over it all and wanted nothing to do with Santa. The photographer was amazing and captured this adorable picture.

But this is how Landon really felt about his Santa experience.

Tessa was a sweet big sister and told Santa that Landon loves Lightning McQueen and he would like a Lightning McQueen car for Christmas.

Landon wasn’t a fan of Santa’s helpers either

It was so hot today that we needed to change the kids outfits and then had lunch. After lunch we went to Cars Land.

First, we rode Mater with Landon for the first time!

Then Landon met Mater and Lightning McQueen. I thought he would have been so excited to meet them but he was very hesitant.

After riding Ariel we headed to Disneyland to watch the Christmas Parade. Landon was super tired and fighting a nap so keeping him happy was hard. He was happier once the parade started.

I decided to keep him in the carrier and we headed to the car. Landon had been wiggling so much that his diaper must have shifted so when he went pee in the carrier it leaked all over him and I. We cleaned him up and headed home. Hopefully next year he will like Santa more!

Landon is 16 months old!

Landon is 16 months old!

This month has been a blur since I started teaching part time at a local Charter School. Landon loves the extra time he gets to spend with Gigi. 

Landon’s newest thing is to go to the playroom by himself and just start playing. I’ve appreciated the break from having to entertain him and Tessa daily. 

This month he has been trying to talk a lot more which is better than the screaming and grunting with finger pointing that I have to try to decipher. He tries to say Tessa, toodles, boo for a ghost, woof for a dog, Lightning, and movie. Still no Mommy though! 

Landon is learning lots by watching us and wants to help flush the toilet and wash his hands when he follows us to the potty. The other day he even sat on Tessa’s potty. 

His favorite movie is Cars and has watched almost everyday! When he comes to the family room in the morning he pulls out his chair, sits down, and points to the tv and says “movie”. He loves anything with Lightning McQueen on it especially his t shirts. He has even started recognizing characters on items in stores. 

This month Tessa has started to play with Landon more and loves to make him laugh.  They love being silly and playing chase with each other. 

Landon’s favorite place to be is outside. Probably so he can eat rocks in the backyard and get dirty. 

The best part about this month was finding out that Landon can tolerate small doses of dairy! He is so happy he can enjoy Lightning Goldfish crackers with Tessa. He is also working on picking things up with his fork at meals. He loves condiments especially ketchup and boysenberry syrup.

One trait Landon shares with his sister is understanding humor at a young age. He laughs at silly parts while we read him books and when a character (normally Goofy) does something funny in a show.

Landon is constantly climbing on things normally the bathroom stool or getting into things he shouldn’t like markers while standing on the table in the playroom. This month he also figured out how to open the child locks on the kitchen cabinets. 

Landon’s favorite toy is any car which he can be found always pushing around. 

Favorite food is almond milk yogurt 

Favorite drink is water 

Landon is always keeping us on our toes but I just can’t resist that sweet little smile!