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Month: January 2018

Landon is 18 months old!

Landon is 18 months old!

I hate to admit it but second child syndrome as finally hit for Landon and I forgot to do his 17 month blog post 🙁 I’m also months behind on his and Tessa’s regular posts but I hope to get caught up soon!

I can’t believe Landon is already a year and a half old! Time is flying by and it is so sad! I feel like I embrace everyday I have with him and try to capture as many memories as I can. This month was a busy one. Between holiday activities, Christmas and Tia and Uncle Matt’s wedding we were so busy!

This month Landon finally said Mama!!! But really he just says “Mom” in a super deep voice. He also started saying “more” “this”, “up”,”baby”, “Auntie”, “Papa”, “tea”,”santa”, and “ho ho ho”. He has also finally started using sign language and now signs: more, thank you, water, all done.

Landon embraced the holiday season and loved to help turn the lights on the Christmas trees every morning and help Tessa with the blow ups at night. James took them both on nightly walks around the neighborhood to look at lights. Landon loved all the Santa blow ups and would says “ho ho ho” at everyone he saw. I was so nervous to put up Christmas decorations because Landon loves to touch and throw everything but he shocked me and never once touched the decorations and was so careful with the tree.

Landon understands so much of what you say to him and can answer most questions we ask. He also started nodding his head yes, which has been super helpful. He does a very exaggerated head nod which is so funny. He also started having a fake laugh.

He loves cars and will push them around the house all day long. He also loves to push Tessa’s stroller around so Gigi and Papa gave him his own stroller and baby to push. Landon loves to help me vacuum and cries when we have to put it away. Santa brought him a vacuum which he uses daily. We spend a lot of time outside since Landon loves to jump and climb on everything! He thinks the sofa and ottoman are a trampoline.

Landon’s personality has really came out this month. He does this pouty face when he doesn’t get his way. He also fake sleeps and snores but keeps his eyes open. Landon is back to screaming and now throws fits when he doesn’t get to do what he wants. This month I’ve been calling him a koala because he won’t let me ever put him down.

Some of Landon’s favorites:

Movie: Cars

Food: Almond milk peach yogurt

Drink: Sweet tea

Person: Gigi

Toy: any Lightning McQueen car

This is his is how pictures go with an active 18 month old.