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Month: April 2018

Water table

Water table

Landon has decided it’s more fun to dump the water table over than actually play in it. After two outfits and him trying to lick the water off the ground we decided it was time to play inside.

Carl’s Jr. play land

Carl’s Jr. play land

On Fridays I normally take the kids to the park and then we get McDonald’s on the way home. Tonight Tessa really wanted to go to Carl’s Jr. to play in the play land.

Then we came home for lunch and Landon got to use his iPad which Tia gave to him since she doesn’t use it anymore.

Once Daddy came home we headed for Carl’s Jr. I wasn’t a fan of them being around so many germs but they had a lot of fun!

Landon is 21 months old!

Landon is 21 months old!

Time is flying by! I can’t believe in just 3 months we will be celebrating Landon’s 2nd birthday.

This month Landon has been trying to talk more even though it’s hard to understand what he is saying. He clearly says Gigi, Papa, Ma for Mom, dad, Tessa, dip, binkie, water, outside and up.

Landon is super athletic and very coordinated. He can climb anything at the park and has great balance.

He loves his Binky and has switched to loving his big blankie. It’s so cute how he rolls it into a ball to carry it around.

Landon is very energetic and is constantly running, screaming and pushing cars around. He loves lightning and is always carrying one around with him. His favorite place is to be outside playing. He loves to swing and will spend hours being pushed.

He loves his mommy and always wants me to hold him. Like always! He loves boobies and I don’t see him giving them up anytime soon. He still nurses 3 times a day and twice at night.

Landon is super picky when it comes to food and hardly eats anything! Most of what he eats he ends up spitting out. His dairy intolerance is getting better and he can enjoy food with baked in dairy. Now we just need to find a way to get him to eat more and nurse less. He loves sweet tea and any form of carbs. His favorite carbs are the dairy free muffins we make on Mondays and French bread from Albertsons.

He loves Tessa and calls for her all the time. He is always copies her and follows her around. Gigi and Papa are his favorite people and he pretend calls the on the phone daily. He also FaceTimes them daily!

When watching Disney movies he gets to excited when the Disneyland castle comes up and yells “Disney” in Landon language. He loves tv and will watch anything! His favorite movie is Cars and Lightning is his favorite character.

Tessa is teaching Landon to love holidays and he loves to plug in the blow ups.

He says “bye” super loud when people leave and is starting to say “love you”.

We are looking forward to seeing what next month brings! Hopefully words we can understand and discovering foods Landon will actually eat!

Easter 2018

Easter 2018

Landon loved Easter especially hunting for eggs! He woke up much earlier than Tessa and was very patient. Once he could see his Easter basket he didn’t really seem to care and only liked his bunny car.

Then Landon hunted for the eggs we hid inside. He did awesome and was finding some of Tessa’s eggs!

Then it was time to get ready for brunch. Gigi bought Landon the most adorable outfit and he looked so handsome!

Then it was time to hunt for the eggs Flop the Easter bunny hid. Landon did amazing and had a blast! Auntie became his basket holder because he couldn’t be bothered with hunting and holding it.

Flop left mini friction cars in Landon’s eggs which he loved

*pictures to come

Then Landon napped and we played LCR. Once he woke up it was time to dye eggs.

Landon loved it! He made a huge mess and his hands looked like the Hulk when he was done but he had a blast!

Landon got lots of special gifts from everyone! Peeps from Tia and Uncle Matt, Red the fire truck from Erika, friction cars from Aunt Penny, Cars bath towels and a ball from Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt. A new Lightning lunchbox from Gigi and Papa with a Lizzie and Doc car, a Puppy Pals surprise box and the Lady and the Tramp movie.

Pretty sure Easter is Landon’s holiday! He had a great one!