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Month: July 2018

Happy 2nd Birthday Landon!

Happy 2nd Birthday Landon!

Today we celebrated Landon turning 2! We had a Lightning McQueen themed birthday full of fun, swimming, and lots of sugar!

I loved the way the decor turned out and the best part was how Landon reacted to it. He loved the lights and little cars on the cupcakes.

We managed to get Landon to smile for lots of pictures!

We opened presents first but Landon wasn’t really about it! Gigi had to step in and help him. He loved his cleaning set, car carrier and drill the most! Landon got lots of fun toys to help get his energy out: a bike, teeter totter, rock climbing rocks, a sit and spin

Then we did cake. Landon loved being sung to and tried so hard when blowing out his candles.

Then we had carne asada for lunch but Landon was too full from the Gigi cookies he had been eating.

Then it started pouring down rain! After the rain passed everyone went swimming while Landon took a super long nap!

After Landon’s nap he was ready to swim!

Then he played in the sand with his new Lightning gas can watering can. He and Tessa also tried out the sit and spin.

Landon had such a fun day! He went to bed exhausted in his Lightning pjs ready to turn 2! (We celebrated on the 7th and his real birthday is the 8th)

Thanks to everyone who made his 2nd birthday so special!

4th of July 2018

4th of July 2018

We celebrated 4th of July at Gigi and Papa’s with Auntie, Tia and Uncle Matt. First we swam and played corn hole. Landon even went down the water slide!

Then we ate and Landon got to open a birthday gift from Tia and Uncle Matt.

Then we swam some more and Landon decided he wanted to wear goggles like Tessa. It was so cute!

We finished the day off with s’mores, fireworks and sparklers! We found out he loves s’mores and ate the whole thing!

Landon loved the fireworks in the sky and kept saying “bang bang”. At first he didn’t like the sparklers but changed his mind toward the end.