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Month: February 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019

Landon’s favorite part about celebrating Valentine’s Day this year was getting his candy out of the heart advent calendar each morning. He loves sweets! This year I had to make him a shirt because I couldn’t find a valentine one I liked.

This morning Gigi surprised Landon with a doggy balloon and a gift. He got Mickey valentine candy and two blind bag Mash’em toys ( I have never heard of them but apparently Tessa has “seen them on people with toys” when she watches YouTube. Landon was so excited one of his surprise cars was Lightning.

This afternoon Aunt Penny came over for a visit and surprised Landon with a new Little Tikes Smash Truck. Landon is super into tow trucks and loved that this one was towing logs.

Daddy brought home a heart shaped pizza from Shakey’s but Landon was in a mood and decided he suddenly didn’t like pizza.

Then we gave the kids our valentine surprises. We gave Landon a new red diesel truck that has a trailer attached and a heart shaped box of See’s candy.

Celebrating Citrus Families

Celebrating Citrus Families

Today we went to the Arlington Library for the “Celebrating Citrus Families” event. First we learned about blood oranges and Landon got to juice an orange.

Landon even made it into the newspaper!

Riverside event celebrates citrus heritage with tastings, crafts and presentations

Then we enjoyed story time even though Landon only made it through one story. He decided the toy area was more fun, especially the puppet lamb.