Flight to Ft. Lauderdale

Flight to Ft. Lauderdale

Today we headed to LAX to fly to Ft. Lauderdale for Landon’s first cruise! I packed plenty of snacks and entertainment in hopes that the flights would go smoothly. Landon loved pulling his suitcase and wearing his backpack.

The first leg of our flight started off rough. We were on a flight with a million crying kids! Thank goodness none of those crying kids were mine! Landon loved the tray table and was happy to watch the guy load the luggage into the plane. Tia and Auntie gave Landon is birthday present early…his own ipod!

I made the mistake of putting all the toys in Landon’s backpack so when he opened it he quickly played with each one. Next time I’ll plan better.

After a short layover in Dallas we headed to Ft. Lauderdale.

The pilot invited Landon into the cockpit and made his day! Landon was in awe of all the buttons. I’m thankful for this special moment he got to have.

Landon was great on the second leg of the flight even though he wasn’t a fan of the headphones. We landed late at night and met up with Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt. Landon was happy to see “Poppy” as he calls her.

We headed to our hotel for the night.

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