Symphony of the Seas Roatan, Honduras

Symphony of the Seas Roatan, Honduras

Our Caribbean cruise stopped at Roatan, Honduras today.  Landon loved looking out the balcony to see the construction equipment at work.  I was disappointed we had such an ugly view, but he thought it was awesome.

Headed to breakfast with Auntie

We decided to stay on the ship and go play at the water park

Landon loved the water park area. His favorite part was racing Lighting McQueen and Cruz on one of the water features.

Landon loves babies!!  He was very willing to share Cruz with any baby that wanted to join him and play.

Mommy and Daddy took turns on the water slides

View from our balcony

We went to the Adventure Ocean Family Science Night and learned about how hurricanes form.  Landon enjoyed his first science experiment and was a great listener!

We ran into Papa at the Promenade when we were getting snacks and Landon just happened be matching him.  Papa joined us on the carousel too.

Landon got to ring the carousel bell

We opened the dividers between our balconies which the kids loved.  Landon was telling Gigi about his day.

Ready for dinner and a show!  Darren kept Landon busy by stealing his nose before Hairspray started.  Landon loved the show!! He was dancing and clapping the whole time.  He didn’t make it through the whole show so Daddy took him back to the room.

Day 3 video highlights

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