Symphony of the Seas-Wedding Day!

Symphony of the Seas-Wedding Day!

It’s Michael and Brittney’s (“B”) as Landon calls her wedding day!  Both Michael and Brittney were so flexible even though things were drastically changed on them last minute.  Landon decided he loves weddings as much as Tessa.

Daddy was a groomsman.

Landon’s new thing is to stick out his tongue in pictures so I figured if I can’t beat him then join him.

The kids got their first virgin strawberry daiquiri

Landon was quite the dancer!

He loves Michael

Before our formal wedding dinner we had some fun at the kids water area. Paige joined us too!  Landon loved this area!

Landon was bummed he wasn’t tall enough for the big kid slides.

He was tall enough for this slide though and even talked me into going down it.

Dressed for dinner

Uncle Matt stepping up to keep Landon busy during dinner.

Carousel ride after dinner

And a round of mini golf with Gigi

Here are the highlights of our day 2 adventures!

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