Landon is Three!

Landon is Three!

I can’t believe my baby is three!! Life with Landon is loud, busy, eventful and full of love! Landon loves his mommy which I totally appreciate. He makes sure he gives me multiple kisses and hugs on the days I leave for work and then stands in the garage waving and blowing me more kisses as I drive away. Landon loves his sister and is going to miss her when she is often to Kindergarten. Landon LOVES cars! Literally the boy loves anything with wheels…trucks, cars, trains, monster trucks. He is constantly holding two vehicles in each hand making it hard for him to do things.

Landon is officially done nursing! He stopped nursing around the end of February which was a hard pill to swallow. I miss those moments between the two of us. To limit his nursing we were giving him chocolate almond milk bottles but that didn’t work because he wanted the bottle and to nurse. We had been telling Landon for weeks that when he turned three he had to give up binkys and bottles. We reassured him that he got to keep his blanket. On his third birthday we hid all the binkys (I’m still finding them in places) and bottles and told him he was a big boy and didn’t need them anymore. To my surprise it actually worked! We had some tears but he totally understood. He still lets people know that he is three so “no more bottles and no more beebees (binkys).

Landon loves going to Disneyland and can’t wait to meet the 40 inch mark so he can ride the Lightning ride. He is starting to really know his way around the park and always asks to stop for a bread sample when we walk by Boudin’s. He loves to spend time at the yard with Papa and Michael too. Swimming is his favorite activity and he loves doing cannon balls!

He is going to start preschool in August and will go two days a week. I’m excited for him to make friends and come home with cute crafts. He speech is still a struggle but we are working on it. I know a lot of what he is saying but most people don’t.

I was very worried about dressing a boy because I never thought boy clothes were cute but Landon can pull off the hipster look so I actually really like dressing him. He hates getting his hair done and always says “no hair, hat” so most days he wears a backwards hat.

He doesn’t have his yearly check up until September so I’ll update his height and weight then.

Some of his favorites:

People: Gigi and Papa

Food: Bread, Cheetos, Candy

Movie: Cars, Toy Story 3, Inside Out

Drink: sweet tea and water

Snack: chips and watermelon

Color: Red (Lightning)

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