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Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019

Landon’s favorite part about celebrating Valentine’s Day this year was getting his candy out of the heart advent calendar each morning. He loves sweets! This year I had to make him a shirt because I couldn’t find a valentine one I liked.

This morning Gigi surprised Landon with a doggy balloon and a gift. He got Mickey valentine candy and two blind bag Mash’em toys ( I have never heard of them but apparently Tessa has “seen them on people with toys” when she watches YouTube. Landon was so excited one of his surprise cars was Lightning.

This afternoon Aunt Penny came over for a visit and surprised Landon with a new Little Tikes Smash Truck. Landon is super into tow trucks and loved that this one was towing logs.

Daddy brought home a heart shaped pizza from Shakey’s but Landon was in a mood and decided he suddenly didn’t like pizza.

Then we gave the kids our valentine surprises. We gave Landon a new red diesel truck that has a trailer attached and a heart shaped box of See’s candy.

Celebrating Citrus Families

Celebrating Citrus Families

Today we went to the Arlington Library for the “Celebrating Citrus Families” event. First we learned about blood oranges and Landon got to juice an orange.

Landon even made it into the newspaper!

Riverside event celebrates citrus heritage with tastings, crafts and presentations

Then we enjoyed story time even though Landon only made it through one story. He decided the toy area was more fun, especially the puppet lamb.

Hair cut

Hair cut

Landon’s hair is out of control. He has super thick wavy hairy and a big head so cutting it in the trendy styles doesn’t work. I’ve been dreading taking him but finally did. He cried and carried all the entire time! He looks so much better now though.


Haircut inspiration:

End result:

I’ll style it a little differently tomorrow but it still looks cute.

Landon is 2.5 years old!

Landon is 2.5 years old!

Time is seriously flying by! I feel as though Landon is growing up so much faster than Tessa did. Over these last 6 months Landon’s speech has gotten better but he is still very hard to understand unless you see him daily. We had him tested for speech services but he didn’t qualify. We can have him tested again in 6 months. He has a lisp and struggles with explaining what he wants which leads to behavior issues.

He has been potty trained since August which has been amazing! Potty training was such a quick and easy process with him. Now he likes to go “pee pee like Daddy” which means standing up.

Landon’s hair is so crazy! I thought boy hair was supposed to be easy but it isn’t! His hair is thick and wavy which makes it hard to keep it styled. We also can’t cut it short because he has a big head lol.

Landon is such a dare devil and is fearless. He is always jumping off of things or running and doing crazy tricks. He loves to play with cars and is always walking around with a car in each hand. He loves Lightning and Cruz. While driving he points out all of the “Papa” trucks he sees.

He loves holidays as much as Tessa and had a blast decorating for Christmas. Daddy would take them on nightly walks to look at Christmas lights and he would come home telling me about Frosty and Ho Ho.

Landon loves his new house and loves to be “home”. When we are out even at Disneyland when he is done/tired he will just say “Mommy home”. He is a home body. Landon is also in a twin bed but doesn’t nap in it. He loves to nap downstairs on his pillows.

Landon still nurses about 3 times a day (when he can). He nurses when he wakes up, at nap time (if I’m home) and before bed. We tried replacing boobies with a chocolate almond milk bottle but that hasn’t worked very well.

Disneyland is one of his favorite places. He loves rides and getting bread. His favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean which he calls “yo-ho”. He also likes dancing cars.


People: Gigi and Papa

Food: Carbs, Candy

Movie: Cars, Cars 3, Monster Inc, Inside Out

Drink: Chocolate almond milk bottles

Snack: Goldfish

Color: Red (although he calls it blue)

Decorating the Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree

Landon put all his ornaments low so he could take them on and off. He would put them on his fire truck and then hang them back up. He is totally in the Christmas spirit this year!

Frosty the Snowman blow up

Frosty the Snowman blow up

Landon chose a 9 foot Frosty the Snowman blow up this year! The first one had a hole in it but luckily they were able to replace it. Landon was so excited to set up the blow ups this year!

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Landon has been sick with the stomach flu for over a week now. I’m glad he is finally feeling a little better and we were happy to celebrate thanksgiving at Gigi and Papa’s house.

Landon’s favorite part was the pumpkin pie!