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4th of July 2018

4th of July 2018

We celebrated 4th of July at Gigi and Papa’s with Auntie, Tia and Uncle Matt. First we swam and played corn hole. Landon even went down the water slide!

Then we ate and Landon got to open a birthday gift from Tia and Uncle Matt.

Then we swam some more and Landon decided he wanted to wear goggles like Tessa. It was so cute!

We finished the day off with s’mores, fireworks and sparklers! We found out he loves s’mores and ate the whole thing!

Landon loved the fireworks in the sky and kept saying “bang bang”. At first he didn’t like the sparklers but changed his mind toward the end.



With all the moving drama we decided to avoid packing and spent the day at our happy place. Landon rode a lot of rides with Daddy and spent a lot of time getting his wiggles out. He loved meeting Lightning McQueen and even stood still!

The face you make when your next in line to meet Lightning.

Then we waited patiently he squatted down because I did.

And it was all worth it!

Easter 2018

Easter 2018

Landon loved Easter especially hunting for eggs! He woke up much earlier than Tessa and was very patient. Once he could see his Easter basket he didn’t really seem to care and only liked his bunny car.

Then Landon hunted for the eggs we hid inside. He did awesome and was finding some of Tessa’s eggs!

Then it was time to get ready for brunch. Gigi bought Landon the most adorable outfit and he looked so handsome!

Then it was time to hunt for the eggs Flop the Easter bunny hid. Landon did amazing and had a blast! Auntie became his basket holder because he couldn’t be bothered with hunting and holding it.

Flop left mini friction cars in Landon’s eggs which he loved

*pictures to come

Then Landon napped and we played LCR. Once he woke up it was time to dye eggs.

Landon loved it! He made a huge mess and his hands looked like the Hulk when he was done but he had a blast!

Landon got lots of special gifts from everyone! Peeps from Tia and Uncle Matt, Red the fire truck from Erika, friction cars from Aunt Penny, Cars bath towels and a ball from Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt. A new Lightning lunchbox from Gigi and Papa with a Lizzie and Doc car, a Puppy Pals surprise box and the Lady and the Tramp movie.

Pretty sure Easter is Landon’s holiday! He had a great one!

Truck-a-palooza 2018

Truck-a-palooza 2018

Today we took Landon to downtown Riverside where they were having an event called Truck-a-Palooza. The event was a bunch of different type of trucks the kids could look at and climb on. Papa also joined us! Landon had the best time! He kept running and pointing to all the trucks. His favorite part was driving the bus and sitting in the fire truck. The rain made it difficult to get videos but that didn’t stop Landon. His smile says it all!