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Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019

Landon’s favorite part about celebrating Valentine’s Day this year was getting his candy out of the heart advent calendar each morning. He loves sweets! This year I had to make him a shirt because I couldn’t find a valentine one I liked.

This morning Gigi surprised Landon with a doggy balloon and a gift. He got Mickey valentine candy and two blind bag Mash’em toys ( I have never heard of them but apparently Tessa has “seen them on people with toys” when she watches YouTube. Landon was so excited one of his surprise cars was Lightning.

This afternoon Aunt Penny came over for a visit and surprised Landon with a new Little Tikes Smash Truck. Landon is super into tow trucks and loved that this one was towing logs.

Daddy brought home a heart shaped pizza from Shakey’s but Landon was in a mood and decided he suddenly didn’t like pizza.

Then we gave the kids our valentine surprises. We gave Landon a new red diesel truck that has a trailer attached and a heart shaped box of See’s candy.

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Landon has been sick with the stomach flu for over a week now. I’m glad he is finally feeling a little better and we were happy to celebrate thanksgiving at Gigi and Papa’s house.

Landon’s favorite part was the pumpkin pie!

4th of July 2018

4th of July 2018

We celebrated 4th of July at Gigi and Papa’s with Auntie, Tia and Uncle Matt. First we swam and played corn hole. Landon even went down the water slide!

Then we ate and Landon got to open a birthday gift from Tia and Uncle Matt.

Then we swam some more and Landon decided he wanted to wear goggles like Tessa. It was so cute!

We finished the day off with s’mores, fireworks and sparklers! We found out he loves s’mores and ate the whole thing!

Landon loved the fireworks in the sky and kept saying “bang bang”. At first he didn’t like the sparklers but changed his mind toward the end.

Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

This morning James took the kids and surprised me with Juju Bar for breakfast and a plant.

Then we headed to Hunter Park to ride the train and play at the park. Landon loved the train so much we rode it four times!

Then Papa stopped by to help us fix a leaky sprinkler and taught the kids how to attach pipes. Landon also played in his truck. His favorite thing to do right now is play in cars.

Easter 2018

Easter 2018

Landon loved Easter especially hunting for eggs! He woke up much earlier than Tessa and was very patient. Once he could see his Easter basket he didn’t really seem to care and only liked his bunny car.

Then Landon hunted for the eggs we hid inside. He did awesome and was finding some of Tessa’s eggs!

Then it was time to get ready for brunch. Gigi bought Landon the most adorable outfit and he looked so handsome!

Then it was time to hunt for the eggs Flop the Easter bunny hid. Landon did amazing and had a blast! Auntie became his basket holder because he couldn’t be bothered with hunting and holding it.

Flop left mini friction cars in Landon’s eggs which he loved

*pictures to come

Then Landon napped and we played LCR. Once he woke up it was time to dye eggs.

Landon loved it! He made a huge mess and his hands looked like the Hulk when he was done but he had a blast!

Landon got lots of special gifts from everyone! Peeps from Tia and Uncle Matt, Red the fire truck from Erika, friction cars from Aunt Penny, Cars bath towels and a ball from Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt. A new Lightning lunchbox from Gigi and Papa with a Lizzie and Doc car, a Puppy Pals surprise box and the Lady and the Tramp movie.

Pretty sure Easter is Landon’s holiday! He had a great one!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day/Uncle Matt’s Birthday 2018

Happy St. Patrick’s Day/Uncle Matt’s Birthday 2018

Gigi found the perfect shirt for Landon to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Tonight we celebrated Uncle Matt’s birthday at their house with Wood Ranch take out. I got smart and brought his high chair which made dinner much more enjoyable.

Gigi tried to make Landon more festive with a hat but Landon wasn’t having it.

After presents I was scaring Landon with the tree which was hilarious!

Then Tia gave them a blanket ride around the kitchen.