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Landon is 2.5 years old!

Landon is 2.5 years old!

Time is seriously flying by! I feel as though Landon is growing up so much faster than Tessa did. Over these last 6 months Landon’s speech has gotten better but he is still very hard to understand unless you see him daily. We had him tested for speech services but he didn’t qualify. We can have him tested again in 6 months. He has a lisp and struggles with explaining what he wants which leads to behavior issues.

He has been potty trained since August which has been amazing! Potty training was such a quick and easy process with him. Now he likes to go “pee pee like Daddy” which means standing up.

Landon’s hair is so crazy! I thought boy hair was supposed to be easy but it isn’t! His hair is thick and wavy which makes it hard to keep it styled. We also can’t cut it short because he has a big head lol.

Landon is such a dare devil and is fearless. He is always jumping off of things or running and doing crazy tricks. He loves to play with cars and is always walking around with a car in each hand. He loves Lightning and Cruz. While driving he points out all of the “Papa” trucks he sees.

He loves holidays as much as Tessa and had a blast decorating for Christmas. Daddy would take them on nightly walks to look at Christmas lights and he would come home telling me about Frosty and Ho Ho.

Landon loves his new house and loves to be “home”. When we are out even at Disneyland when he is done/tired he will just say “Mommy home”. He is a home body. Landon is also in a twin bed but doesn’t nap in it. He loves to nap downstairs on his pillows.

Landon still nurses about 3 times a day (when he can). He nurses when he wakes up, at nap time (if I’m home) and before bed. We tried replacing boobies with a chocolate almond milk bottle but that hasn’t worked very well.

Disneyland is one of his favorite places. He loves rides and getting bread. His favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean which he calls “yo-ho”. He also likes dancing cars.


People: Gigi and Papa

Food: Carbs, Candy

Movie: Cars, Cars 3, Monster Inc, Inside Out

Drink: Chocolate almond milk bottles

Snack: Goldfish

Color: Red (although he calls it blue)

Landon is 21 months old!

Landon is 21 months old!

Time is flying by! I can’t believe in just 3 months we will be celebrating Landon’s 2nd birthday.

This month Landon has been trying to talk more even though it’s hard to understand what he is saying. He clearly says Gigi, Papa, Ma for Mom, dad, Tessa, dip, binkie, water, outside and up.

Landon is super athletic and very coordinated. He can climb anything at the park and has great balance.

He loves his Binky and has switched to loving his big blankie. It’s so cute how he rolls it into a ball to carry it around.

Landon is very energetic and is constantly running, screaming and pushing cars around. He loves lightning and is always carrying one around with him. His favorite place is to be outside playing. He loves to swing and will spend hours being pushed.

He loves his mommy and always wants me to hold him. Like always! He loves boobies and I don’t see him giving them up anytime soon. He still nurses 3 times a day and twice at night.

Landon is super picky when it comes to food and hardly eats anything! Most of what he eats he ends up spitting out. His dairy intolerance is getting better and he can enjoy food with baked in dairy. Now we just need to find a way to get him to eat more and nurse less. He loves sweet tea and any form of carbs. His favorite carbs are the dairy free muffins we make on Mondays and French bread from Albertsons.

He loves Tessa and calls for her all the time. He is always copies her and follows her around. Gigi and Papa are his favorite people and he pretend calls the on the phone daily. He also FaceTimes them daily!

When watching Disney movies he gets to excited when the Disneyland castle comes up and yells “Disney” in Landon language. He loves tv and will watch anything! His favorite movie is Cars and Lightning is his favorite character.

Tessa is teaching Landon to love holidays and he loves to plug in the blow ups.

He says “bye” super loud when people leave and is starting to say “love you”.

We are looking forward to seeing what next month brings! Hopefully words we can understand and discovering foods Landon will actually eat!

Landon is 18 months old!

Landon is 18 months old!

I hate to admit it but second child syndrome as finally hit for Landon and I forgot to do his 17 month blog post ūüôĀ I’m also months behind on his and Tessa’s regular posts but I hope to get caught up soon!

I can’t believe Landon is already a year and a half old! Time is flying by and it is so sad! I feel like I embrace everyday I have with him and try to capture as many memories as I can. This month was a busy one. Between holiday activities, Christmas and Tia and Uncle Matt’s wedding we were so busy!

This month Landon finally said Mama!!! But really he just says “Mom” in a super deep voice. He also started saying “more” “this”, “up”,”baby”, “Auntie”, “Papa”, “tea”,”santa”, and “ho ho ho”. He has also finally started using sign language and now signs: more, thank you, water, all done.

Landon embraced the holiday season and loved to help turn the lights on the Christmas trees every morning and help Tessa with the blow ups at night. James took them both on nightly walks around the neighborhood to look at lights. Landon loved all the Santa blow ups and would says “ho ho ho” at everyone he saw. I was so nervous to put up Christmas decorations because Landon loves to touch and throw everything but he shocked me and never once touched the decorations and was so careful with the tree.

Landon understands so much of what you say to him and can answer most questions we ask. He also started nodding his head yes, which has been super helpful. He does a very exaggerated head nod which is so funny. He also started having a fake laugh.

He loves cars and will push them around the house all day long. He also loves to push Tessa’s stroller around so Gigi and Papa gave him his own stroller and baby to push. Landon loves to help me vacuum and cries when we have to put it away. Santa brought him a vacuum which he uses daily. We spend a lot of time outside since Landon loves to jump and climb on everything! He thinks the sofa and ottoman are a trampoline.

Landon’s personality has really came out this month. He does this pouty face when he doesn’t get his way. He also fake sleeps and snores but keeps his eyes open. Landon is back to screaming and now throws fits when he doesn’t get to do what he wants. This month I’ve been calling him a koala because he won’t let me ever put him down.

Some of Landon’s favorites:

Movie: Cars

Food: Almond milk peach yogurt

Drink: Sweet tea

Person: Gigi

Toy: any Lightning McQueen car

This is his is how pictures go with an active 18 month old.

Landon is 16 months old!

Landon is 16 months old!

This month has been a blur since I started teaching part time at a local Charter School. Landon loves the extra time he gets to spend with Gigi. 

Landon’s newest thing is to go to the playroom by himself and just start playing. I’ve appreciated the break from having to entertain him and Tessa daily. 

This month he has been trying to talk a lot more which is better than the screaming and grunting with finger pointing that I have to try to decipher. He tries to say Tessa, toodles, boo for a ghost, woof for a dog, Lightning, and movie. Still no Mommy though! 

Landon is learning lots by watching us and wants to help flush the toilet and wash his hands when he follows us to the potty. The other day he even sat on Tessa’s potty. 

His favorite movie is Cars and has watched almost everyday! When he comes to the family room in the morning he pulls out his chair, sits down, and points to the tv and says “movie”. He loves anything with Lightning McQueen on it especially his t shirts. He has even started recognizing characters on items in stores. 

This month Tessa has started to play with Landon more and loves to make him laugh.  They love being silly and playing chase with each other. 

Landon’s favorite place to be is outside. Probably so he can eat rocks in the backyard and get dirty. 

The best part about this month was finding out that Landon can tolerate small doses of dairy! He is so happy he can enjoy Lightning Goldfish crackers with Tessa. He is also working on picking things up with his fork at meals. He loves condiments especially ketchup and boysenberry syrup.

One trait Landon shares with his sister is understanding humor at a young age. He laughs at silly parts while we read him books and when a character (normally Goofy) does something funny in a show.

Landon is constantly climbing on things normally the bathroom stool or getting into things he shouldn’t like markers while standing on the table in the playroom. This month he also figured out how to open the child locks on the kitchen cabinets. 

Landon’s favorite toy is any car which he can be found always pushing around. 

Favorite food is almond milk yogurt 

Favorite drink is water 

Landon is always keeping us on our toes but I just can’t resist that sweet little smile! 

Landon is 14 months old! 

Landon is 14 months old! 

I feel like we just celebrated Landon’s 1st Birthday. Time is flying by! This month Landon has found his personality. He is becoming very talkative and likes to tell stories. He is very stubborn and manipulative.  Landon is always trying to pull Tessa’s hair or take her glasses because he knows it upsets her. He is always climbing on things and even made it on top of table in Georgia! The boy is fearless!

Landon is super busy! If he is awake he is on the go! His favorite toys are cars and pushes them around the entire house. He likes to have Tessa push him on his Mickey airplane. Landon has recently gotten into books and will them over to have you read to him. He loves to play patty cake and sing songs like wheels on the bus. 

Landon is a great sleeper. He takes naps well and sleeps well at night waking up every 4 hours to nurse. He is officially in 24 month/2T clothes and doesn’t show any signs of slowly down. 

He loves food and will pretty much eat anything expect beans and avocados. We still haven’t given him meat since he only has 3 bottom either and 4 top teeth (two haven’t completely come in yet). I’m thinking of keeping him away from meat and dairy so vegan but still eating fish and eggs. He loves sweet tea and always wants to try anything that we are eating. 

Landon loves his Daddy and says “Daddy” all day long! He can’t wait for Daddy to get home from work. Landon still won’t say Mama or Mommy regardless of how hard I try. He says Gigi though and always wants to FaceTime her. 

Disneyland is quickly becoming one of Landon’s favorite places to visit. He loves rides and meeting characters. 

Next month Landon is going to try a tumbling class at the community center so I’m excited for him to interact with other kids more. 

Landon is One!

Landon is One!

I feel like we blinked and Landon is now one.  This month Landon realized what Disneyland is and knows were we are once we get in the parking structure. He points to rides he wants to go on and loves watching the parades.  He loved swim lessons and loves being in water.  We learned this month that despite hot temperatures Landon loves Havasu just as much as the rest of us.  He loved driving the boat with Papa the most.

Landon’s favorite toys are the ones that have wheels.  He has started to say “vroom” while he pushes them around on any and everything.

He is just as smart as Tessa but does things on his own terms.  He still refuses to clap but slaps his legs instead.  He is constantly is pushing Tessa’s buttons or pestering her.  He is trying to communicate more of what he wants now which is helpful too. We see signs of him manipulating situations which scares me for the future‚Ķlol.

He loves tv and his favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Landon will eat anything‚Ķliterally.  So I wouldn’t say he has a favorite food.  Maybe a Capri Sun he realized how yummy they are in Havasu.

Since James has been off this month Landon has become attached to him and calls for Daddy constantly.

Landon hasn’t taken any steps yet or stood alone but he is super fast at crawling.  He does this hand slap thing so it’s easy to hear him coming.  He does push around his walking toys so hopefully he starts working soon.

Changing diapers has become a challenge since Landon thinks it is funny to roll around and be difficult.  We have also had to child proof the house since he can get into a cupboard and destroy things rather quickly.

Time is flying by but I’m glad I get to experience all these milestones with him.


Landon is 11 months old! 

Landon is 11 months old! 

Oh Landon… 

A phrase we say often to explain Landon’s behavior. Landon is definitely all boy but I refuse to agree with the saying “boys will be boys”. Landon loves anything with a wheels and turns anything into a steering wheel. He is addicted to Mickey and loves to watch tv. 

Landon is still nursing which sometimes amazes me because he rarely sits still. Because he is constantly moving he still nurses every 3-4 hours even at night. Landon loves food and will pretty much eat and try anything. He still only has two bottom teeth which means he still is limited on what he can eat. This month we also tried yogurt and learned he still has a dairy intolerance.

Although Landon is crazy this has been a happier month. He finally learned to crawl which I think made all the difference. He finally has some freedom. He has been playing alone more often now without being constantly entertained.  After learning to crawl Landon quickly learned how to pull up on things. His favorite activity is pulling up on the dining room chairs and pushing them around the house. 

Landon loves attention especially from Tessa. He goes crazy when she comes in his room in the morning. He is always so excited to see her. He has even started raising his arms to be picked up. Landon thinks everything Tessa does is funny and I’m his personal jungle gym. 

This month Landon has started to babble way more and is even using a little sign language. He has the funniest facial expressions and makes this adorable scrunch face. 

Party planning has already begun and I can’t believe our little guy will be one in a month! 

Onesie pictures didn’t go great this month since Landon is always on the go!

Landon is 10 months old! 

Landon is 10 months old! 

In just two short months we will be celebrating Landon’s 1st birthday! I’m in shock with how fast these months have been flying by. Glad I take lots of photos and videos (even if James thinks I’m crazy) I don’t want to miss anything! 

Landon has done so much this month! He has been super active and has learned how to go from his butt to his belly and back again. He started taking steps with his walker toy. Landon is working on pulling up to the standing position on anything which is mostly me! He stands at his play table forever and can now go from his play table to his walker toy. Just yesterday he started army crawling which makes him so happy because he can finally get to what he wants. He has also mastered the art of spinning in circles while sitting. 

Landon loves food! He will try anything you put on a spoon so we have been giving him bites of what we are having for dinner. He is going through a phase where he won’t eat the baby food I’ve made for him but will eat store bought food. He loves pouches and can hold them on his own. Landon loves to drink water from a straw. He will scream if he sees someone drinking from a straw because he wants a drink too. 

Speaking of screaming Landon is a master at it! He literally screams at the top of his lungs constantly. It drives me crazy! We are teaching him to use an inside voice but so far it isn’t working. We are also still using sign language with him so he can start communicating that way instead of by screaming. 

Landon has learned to shake his head to mean “no” and waves whenever we walk to the car or front door because he knows we are going “bye-bye”. Landon is always making noises with his mouth whether it be clicking sounds or raspberries. 

Landon still only has two teeth but is teething more so maybe we will see some more pop through soon. 

Landon loves anything with Mickey on it and loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He also loves cars and trucks. He will sit there and still the wheels forever! 

Although Landon has his moments he is such a cuddly and loving baby. He will constantly just give me kisses without me asking and gives the best hugs! 

We love you Bubba!

Landon is 9 months old! 

Landon is 9 months old! 

This month Landon’s personality has started to come through and it isn’t as easy going as Tessa’s. Landon refuses to learn sign language and screams instead. I’m not giving up and still use it daily. This month nursing has also been a big struggle since he got his two bottom teeth. He is learning that biting isn’t nice! Although nursing has been rough we have taken Landon off of his reflex medicine and he isn’t showing any symptoms. He is still a super wiggly baby but I think that’s his personality. He is so strong which makes it hard to hold him when he is upset. 

Landon loves to look out the window or be outside. His favorite activity is pulling up to a standing position using your hands. He will stand and play on his table all day if he could. Landon loves anything with Mickey on it. 

In the morning when Landon wakes up and wants to nurse he says “mama” until I come and get him. I’m bummed I haven’t gotten it on video yet. 

Landon does this thing where he looks up from his eyes which is so cute. He also has a head tilt which he uses when he knows he shouldn’t be screaming inside. Landon also loves sucking on his blanket tags and letting his blanket hang in his mouth. 

Landon loves baby food especially orange veggies. After each bite he says mmmm. This month he has also learned to drink from a straw. 

Landon still has no interest in crawling so I’m curious to see what he does to start moving around. 

Landon is 8 months old! 

Landon is 8 months old! 

February was a whirlwind month and we are already 8 days into March! Landon turned 8 months old today and I can’t believe how fast he is growing up. 

This month he finally stopped screaming and is using more baby talk. He still screams when he is excited. He also laughs when you tell him to say “mama”.

Landon is enjoying eating solids and likes his veggies. He also can pick up puffs and eats them now. He still loves nursing. 

He is extremely stubborn and will scream or grunt to get his way. He refuses to use sign language or learn how to crawl. Landon shows no interest in crawling and thinks that if he tilts his head he is making progress.

Landon’s first tooth finally broke through today! I can finally feel the little ridges which is exciting. 

He loves to be outside whether it’s playing on a blanket or going for a walk in the wagon.  He will look out the window forever to watch the wind blow the leaves in the trees.

Tessa can make Landon laugh and smile like no one else. He loves her so much. 

Landon loves to stand and can even pull himself to the standing position when you hold out your hands. His activity table is getting lots of use. 

It’s hard to describe but Landon does this thing where his head is tilted down and he just looks up with his eyes. It’s so funny and he totally knows he is doing it. 

Landon loves to suck on the tags on his blankie. He still likes to have a Binky when he falls asleep. 

We are currently working on weaning Landon from his reflex medicine so eventually we can try giving him dairy and see how he reacts. We still have months for this to happen but we are seeing less reflex symptoms even with less medicine which is promising.

Landon is a super happy smiley baby who loves to give hugs and kisses. He even kisses the phone when saying bye on FaceTime (I just haven’t been able to catch it on video) 

Hopefully next month we will have more teeth and crawling progress to report. We shall see. For now we are going to enjoy every moment with our handsome little boy.