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Landon’s 1st time in the snow

Landon’s 1st time in the snow

Landon experienced snow for the first time today! He loved it! He said his favorite part was throwing snowballs.

We fixed up someone else’s snowman.

Then the kids went sledding a million times!

Ate lunch in their sled

Went exploring and made snow angels

Went sledding some more

Then Landon and I hiked around while Daddy and Tessa continued to sled. We found a creek to play in.

A couple more sled rides and then Daddy pulled them to the car.

Kenny’s Strawberry Farm

Kenny’s Strawberry Farm

Today we went to Kenny’s Strawberry Farm after applying for Landon’s passport. We are excited that Landon isn’t allergic to strawberries anymore. This farm was so cute! Landon loved finding the strawberries that were red Lightning. He also enjoyed eating a few too!

Celebrating Citrus Families

Celebrating Citrus Families

Today we went to the Arlington Library for the “Celebrating Citrus Families” event. First we learned about blood oranges and Landon got to juice an orange.

Landon even made it into the newspaper!

Riverside event celebrates citrus heritage with tastings, crafts and presentations

Then we enjoyed story time even though Landon only made it through one story. He decided the toy area was more fun, especially the puppet lamb.